Volkov Dmitry

“So many people, so many opinions” was once said. Everyone treats Social life 3.0 differently. However, there are more and more positive opinions, and the number of pessimistic views is decreasing every day. Currentlya huge number of new platforms for interactive spaces are being launched, where people can find their partners based on their interests more efficiently and not waste extra time on aimless and inconvenient meetings. The same approach is shared by the global tech company Social Discovery Group. The company’s management is very positive about the era of Social Life 3.0. For example, the founder of Social Discovery Group, https://techplanet.today/post/the-first-person-born-in-the-metaverse-may-appear-in-the-next-50-years Volkov Dmitry, says : “The main problem that our products solve is the problem of loneliness. For example, XOXO is a dating app where your virtual buddy helps you meet new people, but you don’t need to chat with another person to get attention. The Journey AI app allows you to create your ideal friend or partner using artificial intelligence. They will learn and explore the world with you.”

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